Flag Coat of arms
Motto“Majulah Singapura”  (Malay)
“Onward, Singapore”
AnthemMajulah Singapura
Images, from top, left to right: Merlion by the CBD, Singapore Zoo entrance, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Gateway of Sentosa, Statue of Thomas Stamford Raffles, Downtown Core of Singapore, Raffles Hotel
Capital Singapore
(Downtown Core, Central)1
1°17′N 103°50′E / 1.283°N 103.833°E / 1.283; 103.833
Official language(s) English (1st language)[1]
Mandarin Chinese
Official scripts English alphabet
Malay alphabet
Simplified Chinese
Tamil script
Demonym Singaporean
Government Parliamentary republic
 –  President S.R. Nathan
 –  Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
 –  Speaker of Parliament Abdullah Tarmugi
 –  Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong
Legislature Parliament
 –  Founding 29 January 1819[2] 
 –  Self-government 3 June 1959[3] 
 –  Independence from the United Kingdom 31 August 1963[4] 
 –  Merger with Malaysia 16 September 1963 
 –  Separation from Malaysia 9 August 1965 
 –  Total 710.2 km2 (187th)
274.2 sq mi 
 –  Water (%) 1.444
 –  2009 estimate 4,987,600[5] (115th)
 –  2000 census 4,117,700 
 –  Density 6,814[5]/km2 (3rd)
17,275.7/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2008 estimate
 –  Total $239.146 billion[6] (45th)
 –  Per capita $51,226[6] (4th)
GDP (nominal) 2008 estimate
 –  Total $181.939 billion[6] (44th)
 –  Per capita $38,972[6] (22nd)
HDI (2007) ▲ 0.944[7] (very high) (23rd)
Currency Singapore dollar (SGD)
Time zone SST (UTC+8)
Date formats dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the left
Internet TLD .sg
Calling code +65
1 Singapore is a city-state.
2 02 from Malaysia.

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