20 09 2010

Well I do not have too much time but I wanted to post some pictures from the past week or so. There are no captions because I would like you all out there to try and guess where we have been. I will buy you a beer if you can guess all six countries shown and maybe a second one if you can tell me where the last location is. I will fill in all the details when I get to post again which will likely be from home.




One response

20 09 2010
jim lynch

look dude, you bagged one of my fav shots from salzburg with that first shot of yours. you and I were there in winter thus I had to goose the greens more than a little bit to get a very similar shot from the battlements of the castle area. nice job but second place to mine. bite me. see last image on this page
another salzburg (beer NOT in munich?!), munich (o’fest park), munich train station (!), innsbruck (your shot wins this one ez as the weather sucked our day), um … me guesses you then headed south thru the brenner pass and hung a right to ogle the alpineandyness of Zukerhutl (or some such outcropping of what eastern usa people can only dream of – highest pt in NY is what?). then into ITALY. forgot we had to do countries here. ok, then you lost your compas and found your credit cards OR got some blackwater or haliburton covert ops thugs to take you to north africa. and if the last (several actually) shot(s) isnt gibralter then I will buy YOU the damn beer. so you just HAD TO check off another continent eh? damn your eyes welch!

now get a job and pay for ME to take such a journey!!

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