10 09 2010

Well I have a little free time for once and a reliable internet connection so I figured I would write a quick post. We are in Munich, Germany which is where my passion for travel really began. Nine years ago a friend of mine had invited me on a trip to Germany to pick up a car. It was the first time I had left the continent. Everything felt so new and interesting and I really fell in love with the place and began to wonder what else was out there. So that trip wound up changing my life. Up until that point I really believed that material wealth was the most important thing in life as experiences where non-tangible and only remained in your mind as memories. But since then I have become to believe that there is nothing more valuable than the experiences you have in life. In the end all of the things you acquire do nothing more than prevent you from really enjoying the world around you. I am not saying that we should get rid of everything we own and become vagabonds but that typically we have gone too far in acquiring a whole lot of things that we don’t really need. Do not get me wrong I like nice things too but I also like to weigh the potential gain of buying something new versus the experiences I may be able too have for the same financial outlay. For example for with what many people would pay for a new car we have been able to use to take a trip around the world which in the end will surly be one of the greatest periods of our lives. And although we may remember the new Honda Accord we may have opted to buy in ten or twenty years, we will more likely share memories of our amazing journey until the day we die, as well as hopefully pass some of the spirit of adventure on to others. Well enough about that. As I said earlier I came here nine years ago and the whole trip changed my life not only because it sparked my interest in travel but I also proposed to Justyna on my way out the door and as you I hope all figured out by now she said yes. And to top it all off it was Valentines Day! How could I not marry her after that? Well I always wanted to bring her back here to hopefully share a bit of my first real foreign adventure with her. Munich is everything I remember and more, I remember really liking the city and now even with a fairly large portfolio of cities to compare it to I still love it. I mean what is there not to like, great beer, sausage, nice cars and beautiful parks. Also it has the worlds largest technical museum which, if you haven’t guessed, wound up being one of my very favorite museums. On my first trip we had also visited Salzburg and Innsbruck, both in Austria which I found both equally as interesting with the additional benefit of being located in the mountains (always a plus in my book). So today we got up early and took a train to Salzburg and after visiting the castle and old town for a little while we continued on to Innsbruck where we explored for a while before having dinner and returning to Munich. So all in all it has been a great couple of days. So I have just a couple of things I need to say to a couple of people out there reading this. First off, thank you Jim, really. I think you forgot to mention when you invited me on that trip that travel can be addictive and before long I would be quitting job after job trying to spend every dollar I have ever earned to visit some unknown village as far away from where I live as possible. No seriously thank you for opening my eyes to the world we live in and in many ways inspiring this journey we are now on. And secondly I need to thank Justyna for not only saying yes on that Valantines Day morning back in 2001 but for also sharing this incredible endeavour we have undertaken. I love you and have honestly had the best time of my life with you on this trip.




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12 09 2010
jim lynch

well, thank you sir for your kind remarks. may that itchy foot get scratched as often as possible! that may have been a short trip, but indeed one to always remember – and many thanks for doing the fine video of it all! I must add that our little room in the Hotel Uhland made me feel like I was trapped in a phone booth with two love birds – every night whispering sweet nothings on the phone to justina. hoist one at the hofbrau house for me!

11 09 2010
your brother

“Jesus H. Christ. Andy Welch melts my heart/renounces possessions. Every time a Welch gives up things, an angel gets its wings…”

Will Hall – on the postings of Beyond the Center of the Universe

11 09 2010
your brother

You are sounding a bit into the hops and a bit mushy. But all with good reason.
Your monies/material comparison has been an arguing point of mine since you left and I think still holds true. I have shot down a couple conflicting viewpoints citing you both as example, proof and hopefully after a crush to the ego of loosing an argument to me, inspiration. And it has maybe prompted me to get rid at least on bx of stone nuggets and a few piles of wood and shavings. Man materials paradox — burden and utility — such a pain.
You both rock!

Brother from stated “the best city in the world”

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