22 08 2010

The Ever Crowded Li Jang


Trekking In Tiger Leaping Gorge


Tiger Leaping Gorge


The Yangtze River Running Through The Gorge


Justyna Near The Top Of The 70' Sky Ladder


The Road Out Of The Gorge


Clearing A Road Blocked By The Previous Nights Land Slide


The Road To Shangri La


The Monastary Near Shangri La


Justyna Saying Hello To A Baby Yak


Prayer Flags At A 5000 Year Old Temple


A Yak


Spinning The Worlds Largest Prayer Wheel



Napa Lake Near Shangri La


Off Roading On A Cruiser Bike Around Napa Lake


Local Women Out For A Ride


Justyna In Tienamen Square


At The Temple Of Heaven


A Three Star Rated Public Toilet


The Forbidden Palace In Beijing


The Summer Palace In Beijing


At The Ming Tombs


Justyna Fighting The Crowds On The Great Wall Of China


A Much Less Crowded Upper Section Of The Great Wall


The Forbidden City From Jinshin Park


Sign Board On The Train From China To Mongolia


Hanging Out On The Trans Mongolian




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