4 08 2010

Hello again. I just wanted to post and say that we are alive and well and we are currently in Mongolia. Technology has once again been causing us some headaches. First our computer crashed or got a virus and we lost everything. It took me 3 days to get it working again and the only way I was able to do it was to start from scratch. Thankfully I still have all of my pictures on the original memory cards so I have not lost them. Then by the time I got it working we arrived in Beijing where apparently they block the site I use to blog, so this has been the first time I have been able to access the site in some time. I only have a few minutes before we head off to the grass lands of Mongolia to spend 6 days travelling between some nomadic families so I just wanted to let everyone know that we are OK. Upon our return we will be immediately flying out to Finland followed by a few hectic days of travelling through Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia before we finally settle down for a little while in Poland at Justyna’s house. I will make an attempt at recapping the following weeks then. We are having a great time and I hope everyone is well at home. To be continued from Europe…




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6 08 2010
Art & Marion Sarles

Hi Andrew and Justyna,

Really enjoyed your exciting journey. We are glad things are back on track. I am looking out for your old man for you until you get home. Family’s fine and all is quiet in the valley.
You and Justyna keep up having a great experience and keep us up to date. Art and Marion

6 08 2010
Jim & Steph

Hi Andrew & Justyna
Good to hear from you. Looking forward to hear about Mongolia.


5 08 2010

Hi Andrew and Justyna, Happy to hear from the two of you. Adam said he had been trying to contact you to no avail also. Glad you could get back on the blog and that the pictures are safe. I’m sure you won’t get this until you are in Europe so take care and we look forward to the next group of pictures
Love, M.D.M

4 08 2010

Good to hear from you ! I am so relieved that all is well.
I miss you terribly, can’t wait to see you.

4 08 2010

Dear Andrew and Justyna
Relieved to hear from you. We have so enjoyed your good descriptions and photos. Mongolia seems so wonderfully remote, always been attracted to it. I admire you both for undertaking this adventure and for taking us all along.
From Carol’s walking buddy

4 08 2010
your brother


Great to hear from you! But sorry to hear about the techno problems.

Have fun and bring a weed-wacker for the high grass lands.


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