12 07 2010

On The Road Again

The Town Of Pai

On The Raft In Tha Lot Cave

The Fish In The Cave

Coffins In The Cave

Formations In The Cave

Taking A Break At A Viewpoint

Some More Great Riding

At The Temple Over Mae Hong Son

The Long Neck Karen Village

Justyna And One Of The Villagers

Another Water Crossing, Yeah!

Justyna Trying The Bike On For Size

A KM Marker

Taking In The View

Justyna On Mumba

Just Out For A Stroll

Not Much To Hang On To Up Here


Saying Goodbye

What Do Yo Have Behind Your Back?

Just Another Road Side Attraction

Stair To The Temple Near Chiang Mai

Overlooking Chiang Mai




One response

13 07 2010

Hello Yall,

Ok if you can’t find a good water buffalo to bring back at least try for an elephant… I will settle for an elephant.
Even though that one in the photos looks a little touchy-feely.

Looks like it is gonna be a bit sad leaving south Asia but I am excited for you that you are gonna get up to Mongolia. I though you were going to skip over from China to Europe. I hope China travels well for you.

Things over here in the North East States are sort of the same (even though we have had a pretty hot July so far).
In my travel news:
I did get to ride a new office chair for a while but its owner said I wasn’t riding it properly so I had to leave it. It seems that the boss — that’s what they are called here — get a little finicky when you ride their chairs with your feet up on there desk. Also I got to visit a dark and stinky part of the PCA’s basement (the great south stink cave) the other day to find some old paintings (artifacts) left in storage. It was quite exciting even though it was a little sad that one of my co-workers (packing tape shurpa) had to be left behind because of a broken nail. Her family will be compensated.

Wish you the best in your next step.


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