9 07 2010

Well after spending a few days wandering the malls in Bangkok we finally bought a new camara. We found a Canon service center who informed us that our camara’s warranty is only good in the states and after we got a repair estimate we decided we would wait until we got home to have it fixed. So after shopping around and negotiating a bit we wound up buying a new one. We also took in another movie and visited a newly opened art gallery. The show on display was themed “Imagine Peace” and it was all very recently produced work inspired by the riots and fighting that occurred within sight of the gallery. The show had a quite a few good pieces especially considering how little time the artists had to produce them. From Bangkok we took a night train to Chiang Mai. The journey took 15 hours and passed uneventfully. Upon arrival we got ourselves a hotel and took a walk around town. We really liked the city and although still big at 1.6 million residents it was a nice break after coming from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. That evening we decided to take a cooking class. We were picked up at our hotel and then took a trip to a local market  to discuss and select our ingredients for the evening. Our instructor was amazing not only was he was a great cook but he was also very funny, even though he cracked himself up more than us at times. We made a variety of dishes using a few techniques even one involving a whole lot of flames that I do not believe we will be trying at home. Once we finished our culinary adventure in the kitchen we all sat down and enjoyed the fruits of our labor. Everything came out quite well and all in all the entire evening was really fun. The next day we decided to do some climbing at a cliff about 45 minutes from the city called The Crazy Horse Buttress and if you look at a picture you can see where it got its name. We rented some climbing gear from a shop in town and took a shuttle took the cliff. The climbing was great and although most of the routes where fairly steep they where well protected and a whole lot of fun. We climbed a couple of 5.8’s(5b) to warm up the a couple of 5.9’s(5c). After that we moved to another part of the cliff where I climbed my first 5.10b(6a) which is the hardest route that I have ever led. I climbed it onsight and ground up which is when you climb a route with no previous knowledge of the moves including watching someone else climb the route or practicing it on top rope before a lead attempt, most agree that this is the true indication of a climbers ability. I know it is really only a number but it has been a goal of mine for some time to climb a route rated at 5.10 and I was really psyched to be able to do it at such an amazing place, it is just one more great thing I will bring home from this trip with me. Today we got some of our travel arrangements made for the coming days and then did some touring around the city. With over 300 temples there is so much to see but we just took some time to visit the top three. Chiang Mai has so much to do and we had a really hard time deciding when we where going to move on but we finally decided to take a few more days to take one more motorbike trip up in to the mountains. From there we are going to take a night train back down to Bangkok from where we will then take a flight to Shenzhen in China. Needless to say the next week is going to be very hectic so once again I apologize in advance if it takes me a while to post again. There may be one other problem in that I am not sure how internet access will be in China and whether or not the wordpress site will be blocked or not. Well after a much longer visit to SE Asia than we had originally planned we are finally moving on to what promises to be the most challenging and hopefully rewarding part of our trip, Mainland Asia and more specifically China and Mongolia.




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9 07 2010

Hi Andrew and Justyna, Just got finished looking up alkalined eggs and horse pee eggs. Very interresting-I learned something else from your adventure. Also what was in the picture on the upper right we were supposed to see? That climb must have been awsome, congratulations on your accomplishment and Justyna your climbing is amazing too. Stay safe and enjoy.
We had a wonderful trip to the Island and Maggie was very good except for escaping out of her escape proof collar on the ferry. A few hairy moments but all ended well. We went to a Chinese restaurant that catered to gluten free with Aunt Janet and Uncle Roy, had hot dogs and gluten free rolls at their house for the 4th and went to an Italian restaurant that had a gluten free menu and was so happy we went back the next night and Dad had gluten free NY style pizza. Great food and fun.
Love, M.D.M

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