30 06 2010

Again I know it has been a while since my last post but since we left Koa Tao in Thailand we spent 40 hours of the past week or so on either a boat, bus, taxi, train or a plane. We have covered over a thousand miles and crossed the equator to finally arrive on the island of Bali in Indonesia. Along the way we spent a few days each in the wonderful cities of Kuala Lumur in Malaysia and Singapore in the country of the same name. We are having a great time and a lot of fun but with such a short visit to each of these places we have had to cover a lot of groundin a very short time in order to see as much as we can. We had planned on taking some time to relax in Bali but once again as soon as we found out how interesting this place is we began planning and trying to squeeze in as much as possible in the 6 days we will be here. We already spent the first three days on a little island off the coast diving and we will likely spend the remainder of our time visiting some of the cultural sights on the main island. Internet access has been tough to find especially in Singapore which has free public wifi in most areas but you have to be a registered visitor in order to get it. So I am posting this from a little overpriced internet shop in the town of Ubud on Bali so I must keep it short. I hope to write a longer post later but once again we are going to be quite busy for the next couple of days before we take our flight back to Bangkok so I make no promises.

To be continued……………….maybe………………………………………………………




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30 06 2010

Sounds like that John Candy and Steve Martin movie “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”

30 06 2010

Hello All,

Hope you are doing super dooper!

That’s great to hear you got down into Bali… you should try to find out if they are doing a Kecak. I have been looking into that and it sounds like it must be amazing to see/hear.

I cant believe you are getting to dive as much as you are. I hope the sea life is full there. The places that we did some water stuffs in the Bahamas was (what the locals said) 1/4 of what it was 10 years ago due to pollution and things. Coral is dieing.

Keep rockin it but take a down time from here and there…. as far as I remember from my travels, the things that I do remember are the things that I stayed around with for a little while longer then just running by.


30 06 2010

Hi Andrew and Justyna, Dad just went to work and the first thing I did was turn on my computer and there was your blog. Great way to start the day. Last night I put the guilt trip on Adam that since I wasn’t hearing from you two he had to step up to the plate and write me more often so I don’t feel so disconected to all of you. I hope he doen’t think he’s off the hook now. Hope to meet up with him and Julianna on L.I. for the 4th of July.
Can’t wait to see pictures when you finally get a chance to send some. Bring us back a small shell if you can. Take care…M.D.M

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