20 06 2010

On The Way To Vientiane

Eggs On The Way To Vientiane

At The Buddha Park

The Buddha Park

Justyna Praying With Buddha

Crossing The Border By Train

A Very Large Reclining Buddha

Bell Tower At Wat Pho

A Monk At Wat Pho

Gold Buddhas

A Large Seated Buddha

A Gold Stupa At The Grand Palace

Temple At The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace

Sculpture At The Grand Palace

Justyna With The Royal Guard

At Wat Arun

From The Top Of Wat Arun

The Fire Gutted Central World Center

Need A Nice Car, At Siam Center

At The Train Station In Chumpon

Koh Tao Island

Justyna Ready To Dive

Koh Tao From A View Point

Bike Love Again

In The Water Ready To Dive

A Giant Clam

Ready For Another Dive

Some Of My Under Water Photos

Some Of My Under Water Photos

Some Of My Under Water Photos




2 responses

21 06 2010

Hi Andrew and Justyna, You both look great. Justyna, I’m so proud of you’re new diving skills. It seems like yesterday you couldn’t even swim in our pool now just look at what you have accomplished. Andrew you are amazing and that picture of you in the dive gear is just great. You are so handsome and the joy of your reaching your goals shows through. The pictures are beautiful as usual and I wonder how you will ever edit down to tell your story of your adventure in a reasonable amount of pictures. They are all great.
It was so good to talk to you last night and I really am so glad we can talk from time to time. You are both missed and being able to be in touch makes it seem like you are not so far away.
Don’t worry about the scam artist. It seems harmless enough and at least you didn”t find yourselves in a dark alley being mugged or something.
Eunice is glad you are not going to Russia she read that they are having a lot of trouble with people being abducted for body parts. Now doesn’t your day of touring sound better than that.
Take care and hope you 24 hour tavel is not too bad. Maybe the sceanery will be nice on the trip down. Bali should be something else.
Love, M,D,M

21 06 2010

What amazing photos! It is a wonderful world we live in. Too bad most of us experience so little of it. You two really know how to Carpe Diem!

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