5 06 2010

On The Road


Typical Road Hazards


Justyna With The Bike


At The Plain Of Jars


Meeting Locals On The Road


In The Mountains


Another Friendly Local


More Mountains


Our Hotel In Vieng Xai


The Caves Of Vieng Xai


A Monument In Xam Neau


On The Road Again


Taking In The View


There Are Tigers In There


5AM In Vieng Thong


Riding In The Rain


Passing Through A Village


Bamboo Ladder In The Caves At Nong Khiaw


Our Bungalow In Nong Khiaw


Just Another Bomb Casing Lying Around

Mile Marker On The Road

Villagers Along The Road

A Monk On The Road

A Pink Water Buffalo

View From The Road

Buddha In A Cave

Temple Cave

More Road Hazards

An Elephant Out For A Walk

Monks At The Waterfall

Enjoying A Swim

At The Top of The Waterfall

A Sun Bear Enjoying Lunch

Saying Goodbye




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13 07 2010

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