21 04 2010

We have made it to Taiwan where we are staying in a very nice hotel. We had planned on just crashing in the terminal until our flight in the morning but it seems that this isn’t an option and your only real choice is to stay in the only hotel located near the airport. So that is how we landed in a four star joint. Well since we have left Hawaii we have been on the move for 21 hours straight, been on three flights and traveled over 5300 miles. Today is when the real traveling begins, dealing with time, language, and lack of information. We already had a problem in Tokyo. They didn’t want to issue us our tickets because we didn’t have a hotel reservation in Taiwan. We managed to get around this by talking to the right person only to have to get hotel upon arrival in order to get through customs. We also had a little issue when we checked in at Honolulu. They informed us that we need an onward ticket or confirmation that we will be leaving Vietnam before they will let us through customs in Hanoi. They issued us our tickets anyway but required us to sign some kind of waiver stating that we will not hold them responsible for not having a ticket. We should be fine but we may wind up having to buy an onward ticket when we show up to satisfy this requirement. Well that is about all for now.  I am way too tired to post any pictures and I am still having a hard time figuring out what time it is. I think it is 3:06AM in Honolulu right now but I am not sure if that is yesterday or today or maybe it is even tomorrow. We ll I hope I will have time to figure out tomorrow.




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23 04 2010
mom, dad, maggie

Hi Andrew and Justyna, Sounds like Hawaii was just wounderful. Looking forward to some pictures. Hope you are all set with your paperwork now and not in jail. Linda and Richard are coming Monday, will show them your blog. Sofia checks it almost daily. Stay safe-enjoy M,D,M

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