The End Of The Beginning

19 03 2010

Today was it, the transition point between this stage of my life and what I can only imagine will be the next,brief, but very exciting stage of my life. So I walked out of work today with a very vague idea of what the future will bring. Up to this point it has been very easy to carry on thinking that every Monday I will be waking up to another week at work continuing on in what was a fairly normal and safe routine. But not this week. Monday will bring our departure on a trip of a lifetime heading west in search of learning, understanding and adventure. I am very excited by venturing out into the unknown as well as a bit terrified. I love the feeling of not knowing where we will be in two weeks, a month or even a year but one cannot help but fear that this may not be a good thing. But overall I am sure things will work out just fine in the end. And without all of the problems that we are sure to encounter on this journey we would not appreciate all the wonderful moments as much. 

Well we are pretty much packed, we have our airline tickets booked for the first leg of our journey (NY to LA, LA to Hawaii,Hawaii to Hanoi), we have squared away most of our finances and we have our passports in route to meet us in California (China visa issues) so now there is not much else to do but wait to get on the plane. There are a few more details to attend to and I am sure I will spend the next couple of days going through bags and checking gear but this is it the real beginning, it is time to go. The next time you hear from us we will be 3000 miles away in sunny California!


To get away from one’s working environment is, in a sense, to get away from one’s self; and this is often the chief advantage of travel and change.  ~Charles Horton Cooley



4 responses

23 03 2010
Jim lynch

ok, so ONCE we went to germany to pick up a new car. now how many times have YOU taken ME to see anything on this planet besides this sand bar called the isle of long? hm?

I expect many fed x trucks with goodies just for me as a partial compensation for leaving my saggy old arse behind. want some pre-printed labels?

justina – doooooo take care of this dude. he needs you. trust me, I know. 41 years with my polish bride has convinced me that said “person who must be obeyed” is what we wandering souls need to be grounded on the planet in some form or another by. she is aging fast due to trying to keep me from doing myself in, but hey … a noble quest eh?

best of travels and resultant insight to you both.
love ya,
jim, ginger, marmalade, bentley and winnie; mini, cs and passat.

22 03 2010

A & J — Thanks for starting this travel log so we can get a glimpse of what you’re experiencing. I look forward to seeing your pictures. Stay safe. And enjoy the journey!

22 03 2010
Jim & Steph

This is so exciting! Have a wonderful and safe trip!

21 03 2010


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